Guidelines on Institutional Quarantine for Covid-19

Guidelines on Institutional Quarantine for Covid-19

What is Institutional quarantine?

This is a transparent restriction of persons’ activities when they are not ill with COVID-19 for the
purpose of protecting unexposed members of the communities from contracting the disease
should any person at risk become sick.
This is particularly important for persons who may have been in contact with a person who has
signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or is suffering from the disease or has travelled from one of
the areas with high transmission of COVID-19.
This means one will stay at a facility identified by the Government without mixing with family
members or the general public for the mandatory period of 14 days. However, individuals will be
required to interact only with surveillance officers dressed in appropriate Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) who will come daily to carry out a medical check-up.
Institutional quarantine is intended to facilitate early detection of ill health due to COVID-19 and
to prevent its spread in the communities, to loved ones and/or other countries or areas.

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