The Lockdown Dilemma

The Lockdown Dilemma

Common sense appears to be dictating that we apply the principles of science and technology, COVIDEX being a case in point.  We are fighting a war against nature in its evolutionary manifestations. Although there is a call for lifting the lockdown, there is a need to invoke the Roman dictum of “Festina Lente” at this time. In plain English proverb simply means that “hasten but slowly” in other words ‘weigh the available options carefully’

At this juncture therefore there is a need to apply the principle of reliability of scientific data. For data to be reliable it should be collected at least three times under the same experimental conditions. This warrants that each district /sub-county in Uganda if regarded as an experimental set should process and produce data on the death rates and infections over the 42 days of the lockdown. In order to apply the principle of reliability of data (test and posttest), there should be two consecutive lockdowns of 21 days each nationwide.

The death and infection rates in each district/sub-county should then be statistically determined and compared with the data for the 42 days lockdown ending soon. From this data, a pattern of infection and death should emerge. The trends in the data should point to a scientific decision on whether to lift or not to lift the lockdown.

Finally, correct science does not lie! Masking must be a must whether vaccinated or not vaccinated. Sanitization of closed spaces is necessary, for example, lecture rooms, etc.


Prof G Mutumba
Fulbright Scholar
Biology Department

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  • Ruth Reply

    Well put!

    July 30, 2021 at 12:04 pm

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