I know there is a risk of getting COVID-19, but can I still play sports?

Yes. You can play sports that are in line with the physical distancing measures and movement restrictions that are in place in your country. If you are able to go for a bicycle ride, or if you go to a park or public open space to walk, run or exercise always practice physical distancing and wash your hands with water and soap before you leave, when you get to where you are going, and as soon as you get home.  If water and soap are not immediately available, use alcohol-based hand rub.

Being physically active is good for your health, both physical and mental. Set up a regular routine to practice activities or sports that do not require close contact with others every day for 1 hour. You can do individual sports, like jogging, walking, dancing or yoga. There are many options to try. You can set up playground games indoors, such as jump rope and hop-scotch, play with your brothers and sisters, and practice some strength training activities, using improvised weights like bottles full of water or sand. If you have access to the internet, you can also join in online active games or fitness classes, or set up your own online physical exercises with your friends or classmates. Find an activity that is fun, can be done within the restrictions that are in place in your country, and makes you feel good.

Do not exercise if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Stay home and rest, seek medical attention and follow the directions of your local health authority.